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FREE Online Courses during the Covid19 crisis

PluralSight #FREEapril

Most of the world is on lockdown as a result of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid19). Education institutions have been closed and students sent home as a measure to control the spread of the disease. What happens now that we are home restricted to just the perimeter of our compound?!

#CodeZone as always is here for you. We have collected a number of FREE online study links, thanks to PluralSight, App Brewery, Coursera, Oracle and other sources. We hope you will find them useful in this challenging time.


Build in-demand tech skills without leaving your house. Get free access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses and more all month long. https://bit.ly/PluralSight_FreeApril

How #FREEapril on PluralSoght works

App BreweryFlutter Course:

Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp. The course curriculum is hand crafted together with the Google Flutter team. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of building apps with Flutter and Dart and by the end of the course, you will have built over 8 fully functional apps that can be deployed to iOS and Android. Including a Quiz app, a Choose Your Own Adventure game and even a musical instrument! https://www.appbrewery.co/p/flutter-development-bootcamp-with-dart1

Complete Flutter Course BootCamp


Free Online Learning and Certifications for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database: For the next 45 days, all OCI certifications and Oracle Autonomous Database certifications can be taken for free by anyone: https://www.oracle.com/corporate/blog/free-certifications-oracle-oci-autonomous-033020.html


RedHat Home Page

Due to COVID-19 situation, RedHat is providing free courses for 30 days of duration. Get the benefits as much as you can

Technical Overviews:

??‍? Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview (RH024)
??‍? Red Hat Agile Integration Technical Overview (DO040)
??‍? Ansible Essentials: Simplicity in Automation Technical Overview (DO007)
??‍? Deploying Containerized Applications Tech Overview (DO080)
??‍? Red Hat Satellite Technical Overview (RH053)
??‍? Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview (CL010)
??‍? Virtualization and Infrastructure Migration Technical Overview (RH018)


Coursera offers free online courses to all university students worldwide during this Corona virus pandemic. Your University must have made some kind of arrangement for this to be made possible. Your University can use this link Here.

[Audit the course] to study FREE but you wont get a Certificate for the Course

Alternatively select any preferred course and if by luck you find “Audit the course” after the subscription, use that to learn but of course you won’t be eligible for certification. Some of our preferred auditable courses links are listed below.

Programming Fundamentals
C for Everyone: Structured Programming
Writing, Running, and Fixing Code in C
C++ For C Programmers, Part A
C++ For C Programmers, Part B
HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers
Object Oriented Programming in Java
The Arduino Platform and C Programming

[Audit only] will give you access to paid courses but you wont be graded




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