TPM for Windows 11

How to check for TPM required for the Windows11 system

By now you know about the new Windows 11 operating system, probably used the health check app to see if your machine is compatible. If your machine passed the test, hooray!

What if your machine failed the test yet it meets the minimum hardware requirements?

The problem is most likely due to the TPM, Trusted Platform Module. To check for your TPM simply

  1. Press Windows + R
  2. Type tpm.msc and hit enter

This will bring you to the TPM management window, which will show you if you have a TPM along with its version. The required version is 2.0

What if it says I don’t have a TPM?

Wait to take your machine to a repair shop to get a TPM installed πŸ˜‚. Simply open your BIOS settings and check for the TPM settings as it may be disabled from there. For some machines it might be called Intel Platform Trust Technology, Intel PTT.

Different computers have different BIOS setups or layouts. It might be found under advanced or security settings. The steps below are for (personally tested) HP ProBook but might work for other HP products.

  1. Restart the computer
  2. Hit Escape as it starts
  3. Then press F10 to enter the BIOS setup menu
  4. Under the SECURITY tab go to TPM device and change it to available
  5. Then change the TPM status to active
  6. Restart your PC and you will have the TPM active

You can go back to check the TPM management window on your PC and it will be there with other details.

If you don’t see the TPM option in BIOS, you don’t have the device in your PC and now you take can it to the repair shop and have one installed.

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