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What inspired me into programming

Since childhood, I was so obsessed with IT gadgets. Every time I could land on a phone, I would try different things to see how they really work. It always had questions in my head because of different things I could see like games. When I joined high school, I was introduced to computers and I was so curious to learn to learn computing. This curiosity helped me discover a variety of new things in IT.

My second year in high school, I received information from an Indian friend that his elder brother was sponsored to Canada for Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. On hearing this, it prompted me to research more about Software Engineering, its careers and what is needed to take it as a course at university. This was the time when I chose the three subjects that I could take in Advanced Level.

Like every other young tech enthusiast, I was so passionate about hacking because I always loved to access information that I wanted without permission. The much love I had for computers and hacking could always make me miss some classes such that I can spend some time in computer laboratory doing some research. I did not give up not until I managed access and possess the administrative permissions to computers so that I could make my preferred settings for the school network.

Later, I thought I could do something else, I thought of making a computer virus and anti-virus. I tried many tutorials not until I was in position to make a virus. I could not believe myself that what I had done worked pretty well. I believed it when my friend tried it on his laptop and lost all his data.

I later changed school and I kinda lagged behind because my new school lacked some facilities like internet which delayed my progress. I was at a point of giving up but then later, one of my friends in my former school sent me his portfolio website that he had developed with HTML, CSS and PHP a year later. This aroused my programming morale and I eagerly asked how he came up with it.

This is how my programming journey started. Without any delay, I started straight away with HTML, CSS and JavaScript but particularly Vue.js. I managed to come up with my Portfolio website It was my first project and since that time I have never modified it. I however, have an advanced portfolio built with react.js but it’s not yet hosted.

I am now pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Makerere University. I have hopefully reached on my dream’s peak.

I love programming because I have a feeling that in the near future I will make a contribution to the IT world. Another reason I love programming is because it is fun doing something that earns a meaningful amount of money yet I take it as a hobby.

Special thanks to Hillary Okello who has been so fundamental in my programming journey. Sincere gratitude to Boub Tusiime for envisaging the need to create a platform (#CodeZone</>) where absolute beginners in Computer Programming are mentored which saves learners a lot of time that would have otherwise been wasted engaging in nonconstructive activities. I heard about CodeZone from friends in my freshman year at Makerere University and I asked to be added. I have found the platform very helpful in advancing my career goals as a future developer and would recommend all people to join as learners or even as contributors and/or volunteer mentors to support the existing awesome founders.

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